Android App Development Full Course For Beginners in Urdu | Introduction | Latest 2019

Android App Development Full Course For Beginners

Hello Friends,

How are you? Hope, you will be Fine!

Today, I’m going to Start Android App Development Full Course For Beginners in Urdu. Inshallah, In this course I’ll cover each and everything step by step and teach you about how to develop fully professional android applications in minutes without writing any single line of code.

Yes, you will not need to write even a single line of coding in the development process and your application will be ready in a few minutes. So, this is the first introductive video and in this video, I have explained all about the course.

In this course, we will cover from A to Z means, We’ll start from building an application and then after finishing the application we will publish that app in the Google Play Store and we will also put Admob Ads in the app so that you can learn each and everything clearly.

I hope you will enjoy this course and at the end, you will be able to build your own Android apps within the few minutes.

Now, Please watch the full video and I hope you will like the video. Here, I would like to say, if you really want to learn about the application development and also want to earn a lot then please don’t skip any video of this course because, as I have said I’ll cover everything step by step in this video so if you will skip any part then you can face some problems. So, Please watch all the videos.


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